Saxophone/Clarinet Lessons

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Learn to play Saxophone & Clarinet

Learn to play Saxophone & Clarinet

Welcome to the world of single-reed woodwinds!

Beginners will learn to read music, starting with identifying basic rhythms and pitches. The student will learn how to form a single-reed embouchure (mouth position) to produce a characteristic sound.

All students work through method books as they progress into more advanced concepts. Clarinet and saxophone are ‘sister’ instruments; it is fairly easy to switch from one to the other after learning that instrument’s fingerings. Advancing students are taught scales, sight reading skills, and basic music theory.

Lesson Formats:

Individual, Duo

Age groups:

Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Adult

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... there is no better place to study music than at Music Academy South
- Patty Seegers
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