Music Production and Recording Lab

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Music Production and Recording Lab

Music Production and Recording Lab


Train students how to merge traditional music skills and interest to modern production technology.


Equip students with a foundation, an overview, and the skillset to use music industry standard software and hardware equipment to develop their musical ideas into fully produced recordings, sharable across all social media platforms.


Students will be able to record and preserve a broad spectrum of imaginative digital works using their own instruments along with digital elements (such as drum loops and synthesized sounds).  The expansion and merging of ideas this environment offers is limitless through the analytical, sensory, and creative processes developed.


Music production is done digitally these days, and those who do not learn this skillset may be left behind.  We envision this lab as an essential component to today's music training.  Both school aged and working adults are encouraged to take the plunge and unlock this modern way of applying their music training in the music production lab.  Through very accessible software and thoughtfully planned stages of training, your hobbies and career options will multiply.

Cross Training:

1.  Recording your instrument/voice and using MIDI controllers to create sounds and beats, you will learn to layer and manipulate your ideas for a myriad of purposes.

2.  You can create backing tracks:

3.  The integration of interests and skills can include:

Who Should Sign Up?

Students, 6th grade through adult, who are interested in creating/producing music with the exact same tools used by the top producers and artists today.  This training will broaden a student's skillsets to adapt to the ever growing world of music and technology.

What you will learn in the first 8 weeks:

Course Information:

Cost:  $208/mo

Introductory Course:  8 weekly sessions/90 minutes each.  2-3 hours weekly of additional individual lab time

Total Training and Lab Time:  36 hours

Start Date:  Monday Evenings February 10 - March 30, 2020  6:00pm School-Aged Students and 7:00pm Adults

Instructor:  Steve Earnhart

Steve Earnhart is a professional musician who graduated from Berklee College of Music.  He spent 15 years in Los Angeles working in the music industry as a Music Director, Performer, Producer, Instructor, and Technology Specialist.  Earnhart is currently a first call bassist in the Raleigh area, the music director at Hope Community Church, and his compositions appear consistently on television shows airing on networks such as MTV, VH1, TLC, Bravo, E!, and many others.  His unique experience and insight is what Music Academy South wants to share with the community.


Call Debra at 919-556-6151 if you would like to sign up for the Music Production and Recording Lab class.

Lesson Formats:


Age groups:

Middle School, High School, Adult

Take your musical education to the next level.

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Steve Earnhart

Steve Earnhart

Dr. Skinner helped fuel my passion for music, and I don't think I could have had a better mentor.
- Orlando Hernandez
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