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Music Academy South Policies & Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to provide parents and students a written statement of the academy’s commitment to musical growth and education for you and/or your child. Its intention is to define studio offerings, activities, expectations, and performance opportunities. The development of musical skills can and will enhance the well being of an individual, thereby, augmenting the growth of personal disciplines, perceptions, and aesthetic values. We look forward to working with each student.

Lessons and Scheduling

Tuition and Fees

Make-up Lessons & Refunds Policy

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Care of Students

Inclement weather policy

Music Academy South may be OPEN when Wake County and surrounding county schools are closed. We will consider what the driving conditions of the roads might be like during scheduled lesson times. It is possible that road conditions considered dangerous for early morning school bus routes may improve by the time lessons begin. Please call our phone number 919-556-6151 sometime after noon to hear a detailed voicemail indicating whether Music Academy South will be open for lessons or not. Any missed lessons due to inclement weather will be made up to the student. Make-ups will be scheduled with you directly by your teacher.

Dr. Skinner helped fuel my passion for music, and I don't think I could have had a better mentor.
- Orlando Hernandez
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