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Meet the Owner

Dr. Margaret Jeanine Skinner is a native of Anderson, South Carolina. Growing up in a somewhat small hometown gave foundation, confidence and direction to her emerging musical proclivities. With her sister, Sandra, they began discovering the joy of singing, dancing and playing the piano at an early age. It didn’t take long for others to see that Jeanine’s destiny was being developed! Years of making music in the community, Jeanine seized every opportunity there was to perform, accompany, entertain, teach or create music. Once off to college, one day one of her college professors handed her a piece of paper with the word "No" on it. This was not a word in her vocabulary when it came to making music and helping, but her professor felt sure this was a necessary addition to her vocabulary! She began using the term reluctantly and, over the years, has grown to completely understand its full meaning and value. But, rest assured "yes" is highly favored.

As we fast forward through years of study, practice and performing, we find Dr. Skinner in a variety of college positions (6 to be exact). At these schools, she taught everything from piano and organ, piano literature, piano pedagogy, music theory and ear training, to form and analysis, world music, and music appreciation.  The opportunity to perform and travel as an accompanist nationally and internationally certainly provided inspiration, as well.

In 2003, Jeanine relocated to Wake Forest to be near her sister and her family.  It was obvious that the town was growing fast and there were only a couple of piano teachers in the area.  By August,, she had established a new music school, Music Academy South!  Her entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed!  The school has grown quickly and organically.  Two expansions (2005 and 2016) have provided ample space for continued growth.

This owner is proud of her teachers, her administrative staff, and the very important families and students that engage in weekly lessons.  Living in Wake Forest, making music in Wake Forest, teaching in Wake Forest.  It is a very satisfying way of life.

...I am very pleased with the skilled instruction I am receiving.
- Cindy Becker
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