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Being a student at MAS was a truly great experience. The staff is professionally trained and friendly. Throughout my years, MAS gave me many opportunities to experience various aspects of music performance. They really helped me to become a greater musician. Dr. Skinner helped fuel my passion for music, and I don't think I could have had a better mentor. I will hold my fondest memories of her and the music academy.

Orlando Hernandez

Mas Student 2003-2015

Piano Major, UNC-G

- Orlando Hernandez

My daughter Kristen has been studying voice and piano at Music Academy South for eight years. The amount of musical knowledge she has gained in that time is tremendous and the amount of self confidence she has attained through frequent and varied performances is immeasurable.

Music Academy South uses proven teaching methods and many different types of learning experiences to enhance a student's growth and enjoyment of music as well as music performance. Among the many tools used are formal recitals, casual "coffee house" performances, ensemble festivals and competitions. By encouraging students to perform often, the teachers at Music Academy South are able to keep their students on task and always striving for attainable goals - A skill which is useful in all aspects of their lives.

I always have and will continue to recommend Music Academy South to everyone who is interested in music lessons because of the dedication to music education that all of the teachers have. I truly believe that music should be an essential part of a child's overall education, and there is no better place to study music than at Music Academy South.

- Patty Seegers

I have taken piano lessons from Dr. Skinner for over a year now. An adult and returning-to-the-piano student, I am very pleased with the skilled instruction I am receiving. Lessons include theory instruction, various techniques to strengthen one's fingers and hone the desired beautiful output on the piano. And I am exposed to such a wide variety of music that only comes from being guided by one who is trained in this herself. I so highly recommend this lovely facility and its worthy professional instructors.

- Cindy Becker

So happy I got my nephew, Anthony, a Baldwin acoustic upright piano for Christmas. He loves it! He practices everyday on his own without any reminders from me. This didn't happen when he had a digital keyboard.

- June Zollo

I've been at Music Academy South for many years now and played piano for 13 years. I've had a couple different piano teachers, but never elsewhere have I experienced such a thorough education of the history, theory, and musicality of the piano, nor have I had such a warm and engaging teaching atmosphere. While sometimes at other schools the focus can be on winning awards or delivering each note perfectly, at Music Academy South, my ear and brain were trained far beyond rote memorization and instead I felt I truly developed as a musician, note by patient note. Because of the musical training I've received at MAS, I've been given much more than pressing piano keys, I've been given teachers that took time to answer my many questions, pump me up before recitals, and carefully helped me shape pages of confusing noise into pieces I was proud to present. This in turn, helped me overcome obstacles I'd faced like stage fright and become more confident in areas such as public speaking and creative problem-solving. In times of turbulence—such as the present moment—I find myself turning to the piano to seek solace in the keys. In short, because of my time at MAS, I truly have been given the gift of a lifetime—the gift of music.

- Ning Soong

...I am very pleased with the skilled instruction I am receiving.
- Cindy Becker
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