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2019 Spring Ensemble Festival Results

Instrumental Elementary Duos/Trios/Ensembles:
1st: It Is Well With My Soul
2nd: Amazing Grace
3rd: Hungarian Dance #5

Instrumental Intermediate Duos/Trios/Ensembles:
1st: Reverie
2nd: Firework
3rd: Be Still My Soul
HM: #1 of Nineteen Duos
HM: Rondeau

Instrumental Advanced Duo:
1st: Equinox

Vocal Elementary Duos, Ensembles:
1st: The Unbirthday Song
2nd: I've Got No Strings
3rd: Which Ball Game?

Vocal Advanced Duos,Trios, Ensembles:
1st: Taylor, the Latte Boy
2nd: Flight
3rd: Taylor, the Latte Boy Rebuttal
HM: Something That Will Last

Vocal Intermediate Duos,Trios, Ensembles:
1st: My Favorite Things

Piano Elementary Duos/Duets/Trios:
1st: May Dance
2nd: Gala Dance
3rd: Hiking Song
HM: Birch Tree Rag

Piano Intermediate Duos/Duets/Trios:
1st: Sidewalk Cafe
2nd: Imperial Concertante: I Allegro molto
3rd: Soft-Shoe Dixie
HM: My Heart Will Go On

Piano Advanced Duos, Duets, Trios:
1st: Concertino in D major
2nd: Concerto Bravo
3rd: Fugue on a Russian Theme
HM: The Grand Finale


Saturday, May 18, 2019 -
Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019


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