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Results from the 2018 Spring Ensemble

Piano Elementary Duets/Trios/Ensembles:
1st: Village Dance
2nd: Concertino in Dance Style
3rd: Hoedown Tonight
HM: Pirouette
HM: This Land is Your Land

Piano Intermediate Duets/Trios/Ensembles:
1st: Power Play
2nd: Tango Lights Celebration
3rd: The Caisson Song
HM: Shadow Dance

Piano Advanced Duos:
1st: Concertino
2nd: How Great Thou Art

Vocal Intermediate Trios:
1st: Found/Tonight
2nd: Sun & Moon
3rd: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
HM: A Whole New World

Vocal Ensembles-Intermediate:
1st: Echo
2nd: Sing a Song of Spring

Vocal Ensembles-Advanced:
1st: Jazz Kyrie
2nd: Who Has Seen the Wind

Instrumental Intermediate Duos/Trios/Ensembles:
1st: Toreador Song
2nd: Suite Detroit
3rd: Fanfare Allegro
HM: Nutcracker Excerpt

Instrumental/Vocal Intermediate Ensemble:
1st: Moonlight in Vermont


Saturday, May 19, 2018 -
Friday, Jun 15, 2018


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