MAS Vocal Ensemble

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MAS Vocal Ensemble

MAS Vocal Ensemble

We have an exciting new opportunity at Music Academy South!  As a voice faculty, we have decided to open up our vocal ensemble auditions to any interested students.  As vocal educators, and trained vocalists, we feel strongly that performing within an ensemble(choir, chorus, etc.) is a vital part of a musican's trainging and career.  Performing in as ensemble helps develop sight reading, part singing, ear training, balance and blend, sense of beat and rhythm, as well as the ability to learn and work with the other musicians.

Our experienced vocal educator and choral director, Mrs. Margot Hafner, will direct our vocal ensemble.  The ensemble will perform at our Winter Recital.

Elementary age students will be part of our Allegro group, and middle school and high school age students will be part of our Presto group.  Each group will perform their own piece at each performance, as welll as one combined piece, which both groups will perform together for a total of four pieces per group this semester.  Students will be given recordings before rehearsals begin to learn their parts at home.

Call Debra Harrison at 919-556-6151 if your child is interested in joing the Voices of MAS which will begin in Fall of 2018!

Age groups:

Pre-K, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

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Margot Hafner

Margot Hafner

...I am very pleased with the skilled instruction I am receiving.
- Cindy Becker
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