Music Lessons for Young Children

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Introducing Music Classes for the Young Child


 Instructor:  Margot Hafner


Blast OFF With Music

9 Week Classes (30 Minutes)

Wednesdays Oct 11, 2017~Dec 13, 2017



Wednesdays  9:00a-9:30a

Wednesdays  11:00a-11:30a


Registration Fee:  $15

Tuition Fee:  $112.50

No Refunds will be given for a missed class.

Course Description: 

-Each class is specifically tailored to introduce concepts on the approaching learning level of the age group being taught.

-We will be applying elements of music through singing, movement, activities, and discovery.

-We will be learning interpretive understanding of music symbols and developing memorization skills.

-We will guide students toward musical expressions, build a foundation for listening skills and gain early levels of musicianship that can prepare them for private instruction on a musical instrument.

-In addition, each class will explore pitched and non-pitched instruments.

-Anticipated outcomes include reading readiness, soicalization and musical skills in preparation for kindergarten and structured classroom success.





On page 2 of enrollment, select "Ensemble / Special" for the lesson type.

Dr. Skinner helped fuel my passion for music, and I don't think I could have had a better mentor.
- Orlando Hernandez
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