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Music Composition Lessons

No music-writing experience necessary!  This is for students who enjoy creating music on their instrument, with their voice, or in their head, but need help getting the notes onto the paper.  Beginners are welcome-if you've never had a music lesson, you will learn about the various notes and their values and pitches and how to write them (notate) on the musical staff.  For intermediate or advanced students who already know how to notate, you can delve right into composition study, which includes exercises in counterpoint, harmony, as well as polishing and fine-tuning your own compositions until they are cohesive and bear your unique "thumbprint."  Students may also use music engraving software to electronically notate music onto the staff and create professional-looking scores.

Music Theory Lessons

Thsi course is for the beginning music student who wants to learn how to read, write, count, and play music on the staff, or for the intermediate or advanced student who wishes to improve their abilities in rhythm, music-reading, notation, score analysisi, and even composition.  Our experienced AP Music Theory teacher can help the student with AP coursework and to prepare them for the AP test.

Note:  Composition and Music Theory lessons work hand-in-hand, and may be combined according to the needs of the student.


Rates & Class Times

Music Composition Lessons

45 minute class each week.  Cost: $157 per month.

Call Debra at 919-556-6151 if interested in signing up for this class.

Music Theory Lessons

45 minute class each week.  Cost: $157 per month.

Call Debra at 919-556-6151 if interested in signing up for this class.

About the Teacher

Stacey teaches piano, composition, and music theory.  She began taking piano lessons at the age of nine and continued her keyboard studies throughout college and graduate school.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music at the College of Staten Island, a Master of Music Composition at Temple University, and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Coastal Carolina University.  Stacey has been teaching music professionally for 10 years in both classroom and private settings.  Stacey's goal for her private students is to nurture music-learning as a fun, joyful experience and to encourage students to make music their own through composition.  Stacey weaves composition into her piano curriculum so that students can express themselves creatively and gain a more thorough understanding of the inner workings of music.  


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